The Woman Who Mistook Her Sex Toy Rash For An STI!

As you will read, plating insertables of any kind is a dangerous gimmick to be avoided at all costs. Really, It doesn’t matter if your spending £10,000 on a gold plated vibrator or one of the many who jumped on the Chromed Carbon Steel balls masquerading as Silver balls from a well known book, the engineering principles are the same and certainly not fit for purpose. 

As if to warrant this, back in 2013 at Erotica I had an interesting conversation with a customer. She told me that a few years earlier she’d hooked up with a new partner with an interest in kink. She told me that he bought a lot of toys to their play, and at the time she thought he also bought her an STI and as this was at over 6months into the relationship, quite rightly he, and his toys, were thrown in the trash.

After some very painful, not to mention embarrassing medical intervention it was discovered that she had a foreign body embedded in her vagina. Once removed and analised it was found to be a slither of chrome plate. Unfortunately she said her favourite of the toys that he’d used on her were the metal ones and thus she could only conclude that they, not he, were the culprits of all her discomfort. I asked her if she ever got back in touch with him and she just told me that she’d learnt that you can tell a lot about a guy by the quality of his sex toys. Pay attention guys!