How to Use Your Crowned Jewels Titanium Kegel Egg

Getting the most out of your Titanium Kegel Egg

Every now and again we are asked if we have any tips or suggestions for how to use our amazing products. With that in mind we thought it would be a good idea to write some posts that provide guidance on how to use a product. This is how to get the most out of your metal  Titanium Kegel Egg

So, you asked us what is the best way to use our Kegel Eggs;

The first thing to realise about Kegel eggs, is that they work by providing the challenge of using the pelvic muscles to hold the egg in place. Kegel Eggs are obviously, egg shaped. That is to say they have a fat end and a narrower end. When you first start using your egg, and we recommend you start with the Medium egg as its slightly lighter; you should insert the thin end first. This means the fatter end is resting on the pelvic floor and therefore, the egg is easier to retain. As your pelvic muscles become more toned you can move to inserting the egg, fat end first. Because the thin end is resting on the pelvic floor, it is more of a challenge for the pelvic muscle to retain the egg.

As your pelvic muscle becomes more toned you can move from the medium egg, to the Larger Kegel Egg. Another option is to use a pair of Kegel Balls. Starting with one ball, and moving to two balls as your muscles become more toned.

We suggest that at first you practice with your Kegel Egg / Ball at home to build your muscle tone and confidence before wearing it during any social situations to avoid an ‘oops!’ moment!

Regardless of whether you use a Kegel Egg or Kegel Balls the instructions for using them are the same :

Step 1: Empty your bladder before inserting your Egg into your vagina.

Step 2: If you need help for your Egg to glide in, put a little lubrication on it. Inserting your Egg is similar to inserting vaginal tampons. Relax and take your time inserting it, lift one leg up or for first time users, insert it while lying down.

Step 3: To hold the Egg in the vagina, squeeze first the inside thigh muscles of your leg and then your PC muscles, pulling them upwards inside your pelvis. You should get a feeling of fullness and feel the weight of the Egg in your vagina. To begin with, stay seated whilst holding your Egg in. As you get more confident, you can stand up and move around. Eventually, you will get used to the feeling and be able to squeeze the Egg more tightly as you use it regularly and your strength increases.

Step 4: The Kegel Egg should be held inside your vagina for at least 15 minutes in a day so that your PC muscles are strengthened. For a better workout you can hold them inside for as long as you feel comfortable.

Step 5: In case the Egg falls out, it should be washed using soap and water before being inserted back in.

Step 6: You can remove the Egg in several ways such as: sneezing, jumping up and down, coughing, or, the way we recommend, simply sitting and squeezing it out! The Egg will feel hot when it comes out, this is perfectly normal – once you’ve tried it, you’ll know what we mean!

Step 7: Please make sure you thoroughly wash and dry your Kegel Egg thoroughly before and after use. Please don’t use any abrasives and be sure to pop your egg back into its soft drawstring pouch so your Egg keeps it’s luscious sleek and shiny appearance.

N.B: Your Kegel Egg is for Vaginal use only and should never be inserted into the rectum. If you have any other questions, please do contact us.

If you are still undecided with purchasing one of our eggs check out this 5-star review by Scandarella!

Easter Eggs-ercises

A compelling piece written by two Midwifery Students to encourage all women to increase their pelvic floor exercises, and by using one of our Titanium Eggs it can help you do this.

Pelvic floor muscle training is highly beneficial for women of all ages, whether or not they have had children (Rankin, 2011). Exercising these muscles is important not only for numerous protective health benefits, but also for a heightened level of pleasure during sexual activity.

The pelvic floor is comprised of soft tissues extending through the pelvic outlet.  There are two muscle layers: deep and superficial. The deep muscles (levitor ani) are the ‘pelvic diaphragm’, creating a sling-like structure which is vital to bladder and bowel function (Rankin, 2011). Superficial muscles reinforce this to add additional strength.

Collectively these muscles have numerous vital functions, including supporting pelvic organs, protecting from increased pressure whilst coughing, sneezing and laughing; supporting pregnancy and childbirth and constricting the vagina (Rankin, 2011).

Effective functioning of these muscles is dependent on the integrity of muscle fibres and the effectiveness of the muscle tone. Loss of this integrity and weak muscle tone can lead to various pelvic floor disorders. These include bladder and bowel weakness, different levels of uterine and vaginal prolapse, as well as dyspareunia (painful sex) (Rankin, 2011).

To avoid these problems it is important to regularly exercise these muscles, building strength over time (Rankin, 2011). This can also have beneficial effects to vaginal muscle control during sex, and heightening pleasure, resulting in achieving stronger orgasms.

Pelvic floor exercises consist of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles which form different parts of the pelvic floor, isolating different muscle sets, which can present quite a challenge! Pelvic floor weights, such as Kegel eggs, assist in performing these exercises, by providing resistance and helping to locate where to direct the muscle contractions, in order to get the best benefits from your efforts. We recommend starting with a larger egg and then progressing on to a smaller one, aids the improvement of muscle tone and control.

Pelvic floor exercises should be done on a daily basis, so using Titanium Kegel eggs, starting with smaller sets of repetitions and slowly increasing, is a great way of building your excercises into a daily routine. Once mastered, you can then progress to longer sets, resulting in being able to keep them in during normal daily activity.

You can do pelvic floor exercises anywhere, with no one even knowing! Over time, you will notice a marked difference, and so will your partner!

Written by two Midwifery Students.