Five top tips to improve a long term relationship

  Even a great relationship could do with a little re-vamp every now and again. Your partner may be your best friend but sometimes the interaction between you can become a little stale if you’re not paying quality attention to each other. With a little effort, you could turn your good partnership into a great one. Here’s five top tips to improve a long term relationship and to help achieve a happier connection;

1.Put your partner first

 This is so important. When you try to please someone, they usually respond by doing the same for you. Putting your partner first in you life is the most necessary part of the process. If you make them happy, they will make you happy. Happiness is spread by the people around you and the reward is seeing that happiness in their faces as you do something for them.

2.Get rid of the score card

 Building a fantastic relationship requires one hundred percent commitment from each person. If you are fighting over whose turn it is to take the bin out or walk the dog, neither of you will give anything to your relationship. Do what you can when you can, and your partner will do the same. We all want to be good partners, not shirkers. Don’t wait for the other person to do his or her share before you give in and do your bit. There has to be give and take in each partnership and over time, you will each give equally.

3.Give up the “to do” list

 Well, at least don’t make it a priority. Quality time together is far more important than getting all those endless jobs done around the house. Prioritize your time together and your partner will know how much you love them – those tasks will always be there tomorrow, just schedule your time appropriately and try and do as much as you can together.

4.Have frequent sex

 It is true fact that frequent sex leads to a happier relationship. This does not have to be full on sex every day – just a passionate kiss and the promise of more to come can ignite the flames to be fanned to something bigger when you get the chance. Frequent sexual activity bonds you together into one whole and I’m not talking just physically. Whether it is the result of skin-on-skin contact, being vulnerable, or the “bonding hormone” oxytocin that gets released during sex, it brings you together, to deepen and strengthen your relationship.

5.Embrace your familiarity

 Remember that this is your second chance at a vibrant and fulfilling relationship. Don’t neglect that opportunity. It may not come around again. Take advantage of the security and resources that come with knowing your partner for a long time. You are settled and established – revel in the fact that you really know each other and enjoy the challenge of trying to surprise each other despite the length of your relationship. Put a little thought into pleasing your partner with something new and the effort made will reward you both. This is the time you can concentrate on your relationship and the person with whom you chose to spend your life. Enjoy the riches called familiarity.

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