Fun and Frolics with Food

Having fun with food in the bedroom

Food can be a great way to enhance your sex life and it doesn’t have to be restricted to chocolate sauce, squirty cream and the occasional strawberry. How can you incorporate food into the bedroom in a sexy way though? Here’s a few things to try to and have some fun with. It’s ok to laugh and something funny can turn into something pretty sexy too.

Why use food?

Firstly, why use food? It’s tasty, satisfying and there’s something a quite sensual about eating with your fingers, licking up the last of the cream, or being fed slowly by your partner. Get to know each other’s tastes, favourite foods, textures and preferred flavours and then make it erotic by exploring these together. It will certainly give you something different to talk about and shopping will be a part of the pleasure. Anticipation is a great aphrodisiac.

Choose your food carefully

Be conscious of what you choose, where you put it and how much you use! A dab or light drizzle of something is good, sexy, enticing and easy to remove with tongue and fingers, a huge dollop may not. Be mindful that your sweet treat might seem a little less sexy when you get stuck to the bed or to each other. Pausing to wash excess gloop out of body hair may not always be a pleasant experience and may break the mood a bit. Be thoughtful of what you’re about to spread on your body, where and how much, before it becomes a sticky mess – unless that’s what turns you on!

What kind of food?

It’s probably best to keep it sweet. You could use some soft fruit or sweet sauces and mix it up by trying a few temperature changes. Warm up some chocolate, custard or perhaps caramel sauce, for sensual drizzling and pouring, or cool things down a bit with some ice cream, ice lollies or sliced fruit from the fridge. Use a selection of foodstuffs to engage all of your senses and don’t be afraid try something different – rather than just licking, try sucking, smearing or nibbling.

Where does it go?

Once you’ve chosen your suitable delicacies, it’s time to think about where it’s going to go. In general, we’d suggest you keep it outside the body and away from the genitals entirely, to protect your sensitive and delicate skin. Ice cubes are a good all rounder, safe and suitable for use all over the body and there are plenty of erogenous zones to explore, for example earlobes, nipples and neck. Alternating warm and cool with varying textures will give you a whole host of sensations. Don’t forget to make sure you’re clean before becoming totally intimate.

The clean up

Playing with your food is fun and it can get really messy. Where ever you chose to do this be it at home, in a hotel room or out on a sexy picnic, be prepared! For the more serious and regular players, fluid proof sheets could be a great investment.  Sheets of San Fransisco make fabulous ones  – you can check them out at

But when the food runs out, that doesn’t mean the fun has to end – you still have to get clean. Take the party to the bath or shower and help clean each other off. After all, if the food didn’t get you going, who can resist a steamy shower or sexy bath together?

Above all, have fun with it, laugh and try new things – after all, you never know what you might discover about yourselves


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