The Power of Human Touch


The power of human touch is an incredible thing. Pure, physical contact, however small can have far reaching benefits — physiologically, emotionally, and even spiritually.

It is all too easy to allow distance to enter your relationship, especially if your partner finds it hard to display emotion, physically or verbally. Reaching out to your partner with seemingly casual, but thoughtful, gestures can make a world of difference to how you can connect and is a good way to remind your partner how meaningful their touch is to you.

Get intimate

 Try to plan your day so you can save some energy for your partner and then approach them for intimacy. Try not to wait for them to instigate physical contact.
 If you show someone you need them, you can pay them no higher compliment.

Write it down

Slipping a handwritten note into their bag or briefcase, laying it on the console of their car or tucking it into their lunchbox will cause them to think about you during the day. From simply saying ‘I love you’ to describing something more intimate, words can touch the heart directly. Hopefully it will make them want to hurry home to you once their day is done.


When you are both working around the house, bringing them a drink or a snack is a huge sign that you notice their efforts to make your house a home. This small gesture speaks volumes about your gratitude, appreciation and your interest in what they are doing.

Treat them

Flowers, chocolate, a favourite tipple to share or a ticket to a favorite game or would be an awesome gesture. It shows you are thinking about them.

Show affection

Reach for your partner at random times. While watching television, out walking the dog, or at a restaurant.  From just a touch to holding their hand, a public display of affection initiated by you is lovely to see. It shows a level of respect and honor that we see too little of in this day and age.


Give them a shoulder rub or neck massage. It is amazing how much stress you can hold in your neck and shoulders and quite often don’t realize until someone touches you. This intimate release will be a welcome relief for your partner  – start gently and be guided by them as to the strength of your touch.

Hold their attention

When asking your partner a question, especially if you want their undivided attention, touch their arm or the back of their hand. This connection is guaranteed to get their attention. Team it up with direct eye contact if possible to deepen that connection and let them know you are focused solely on them and their opinion. It is a more intimate gesture than you might imagine and usually gets results.

Don’t be afraid of touch and showing affection. It fulfills one of our basic human needs and the smallest gesture can mean so much, lifting the spirit and enriching the soul.