Making the Most of your Long Distance Love Affair

For a relationship to work, you both have to put a little effort in, but when that relationship is then stretched by a long distance and you have to be apart for lengths of time, a little extra thought is required to keep that fire hot for each other when time and miles get in the way. Here are a few ideas to make distance enhance your relationship rather than hinder it.

1-Sending texts, emails and voice messages

Keeping in touch with your loved one is always important, as communication is key to any good relationship. We all message our partners about how work’s going, when we’ve walked the dog or maybe “what’s for dinner?” but adding something extra at an unexpected time can really make someone’s day. Adding in an “I love you”, letting someone know you’re thinking about them, or even what you want to do to them when you see them next, is a sure fire way to put a smile on your partner’s face.

2-Parcel of goodies (treats, photos, written notes)

Why wait until a birthday or Valentine’s Day to send your partner something special? Something as simple as their favourite sweets, a photo with a hand written note or tickets for a concert to attend together on your return reminds them how special they are.

3-Face time or Skype dinner date

Just because you’re away from each other doesn’t mean a dinner date can’t exist. Set a time and a date, dress up and light some candles to set the mood then enjoy eating together as if you were in a restaurant. Distance date night can be fun and a more relaxed way of chatting to each other.

4-Jar of dates

Whether you’ve been together 3 or 20 years, it’s still important to have date nights. Think of all the things you like to do together; perhaps it’s taking a walk along the beach where you first met, going out for the day to your favourite place or even just sitting in and watching a movie. Write them down on and put them in a jar, then take it in turns to pick one. They don’t have to be done straight away so you can plan some time off from your schedules to spend together and get back to doing the things you used to do.

5-Turning up unexpectedly

You’re partner may be away but that doesn’t mean you can’t see them before they get home. You could go all out and book a ticket to travel to wherever they’re staying and surprise them at the hotel or just be there when they arrive at the train station or airport. Aside from leading to a clichéd movie reunion, this will also let them know how much you’ve been looking forward to seeing them.

6-Booking a night at a hotel and meeting them there

Can’t wait for them to get home? Ramp up your relationship with a naughty night away. Book a suite, meet your partner at the venue and indulge in what feels like a secret liaison. If you choose to turn your phones off to make your time uninterrupted, make sure someone knows where you’ve gone, to avoid some unexpected visitors later on!

7-Dated letters

Sending electronic messages is quick and easy, but there’s something different and special about getting back to basics with a letter. This is a great way of connecting with your partner and requires some forethought, showing them how much you care. Dated letters (i.e. open on …) are a personal way of communicating when one of you is away and also make great keepsakes for looking back on in the future.

8-Reconnection date

When you know they’re coming home, make preparations. This could be getting food for a romantic meal or something a little more erotic by buying some new underwear or sex toys. From here, you can build the anticipation by sending your partner a photo of what’s to come later that evening.