Your magic moment this Valentines

A very unromantic new survey has revealed that couples are most likely to end their relationships after two years and nine months. Social media distractions are largely to blame for the acceleration of the seven year itch, so Valentines might be a good time to put the magic back into your relationship.

Roses, candles, baths and fireplaces are all very well, but if your mind is elsewhere – or if you can’t tear yourself away from the phone – then it can be hard to stay focussed during your date and love making session. Before risking your relationship by looking for a sense of adventure in the arms of another, why not try a less problematic bedfellow: a new toy.

“But wait?” you may or may not cry. Aren’t all sex toys pink, willy-shaped, with diamante and made for women? Well no. The market is full of toys that would happily fit in the orifices of any gender. Amongst these lie the Crowned Jewels’ Titanium Shaftsbury wand: a sensual, exciting, pleasurable piece of sculpture that has balls.

The great thing about this wand is that both partners can use it together or alone. The sleek end is great for pulling in and out at speed while the balls feel great being eased in and out slowly as you or your partner enjoys the sensation of their sphincter or vaginal muscles opening and closing around them.

For an extra thrill you can enjoy the wand hot or cold: just place it in warm water, or in the fridge. And if you need any help it sliding it in, or are a fan of things slippy, try a slick of silicone or water based lubrication.

Do be sure not to double dip – i.e., inserting the same end into a different orifice without cleaning it or covering it with a new condom – as this can spread germs. To clean, wipe it down then leave it in boiling water for five minutes or spray with custom-made toy cleaner.

Finally, do be sure to keep tight hold of the wand when inserting the wand into the anus, as the muscles are very powerful and could suck it up. That’s a magic trick that no one wants to see!

If magic wands are your thing then the Shaftsbury could spell a fun Valentines for you.


Sarah Berry is a sex and relationship therapist at

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