Titanium Kegel Egg – large size

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  • A smooth polished Kegel Egg made from Medical Grade Titanium
  • Hypoallergenic, body safe and Nickel free
  • Designed for regular use to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles
  • 3cm wide and 70g in weight
  • Available in a range of beautiful anodised colours
  • Made in Great Britain by Crowned Jewels Limited


Our smooth, sensual, hand made, Titanium Kegel Egg or Love Egg is a modern high tech approach in the ancient sexual practice of vaginal pelvic floor toning, thereby enhancing the intensity of your orgasms and to allow for more control over sensation.

The highly polished, beautifully weighted egg is worn internally and as you flex your pelvic muscles to keep it in, you are giving yourself an internal workout, proven to lead to more control over pleasure, a tighter vagina and even reducing bladder weakness. Important as your muscle tone naturally weakens over time and especially after childbirth.

Our Egg is carefully designed as dual purpose. Insert either the rounded or conical end first to change the style of your workout and work your muscles in different ways. Due to the egg’s weight and highly polished, smooth surface, it will naturally emerge after you have finished your workout and relax your muscles, avoiding the need for unsightly and distracting strings or removal tabs.

Use regularly to restore and improve your sexual health and increase your fulfilment during lovemaking. Also use to strengthen and regain control of your bladder, boosting your confidence in both private and social situations.

We recommend that you start with this, the largest egg in our range and once mastered, then move on to our medium size egg to continue your workout. You can find a guide on how to use the Crown Jewels Kegel Eggs here.

Made from non porous, hypoallergenic, medical grade Titanium, our eggs are totally body safe and nickel free. Available in a range of gorgeous, anodised colours or just naturally naked in it’s sensual silver colour, this toy is designed to give you pleasure and health benefits for many years to come and is as pleasing on the eye as it is to use.

At Crowned Jewels we are passionate about making beautiful, pleasurable and completely body safe toys. We only manufacture toys to the highest ISO Standards from high quality materials; Setting the standard for metal toys.

RRP – £69:00
A soft, draw string storage pouch is included.

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 3.7 × 29.5 cm

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For Vaginal Use Only
Hypoallergenic, totally body safe and 100% Nickel free (tested to BS EN1811:2011 regulations)

1 review for Titanium Kegel Egg – large size

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    sole gonzalez

    If you are reading this, then you don’t need me to tell you that this egg is the most gorgeous, beautifully crafted piece of health (*) equipment you can buy yourself. Nor you need me to sing praises on the incredible packaging either, although I can tell you I keep the egg inside it’s bag, inside it’s box over my night stand, so I can see it every day. But there are still a few things you need to know about this product.

    First I can’t thank enough the professional attitude of the people behind Crowned Jewels. They have proved to me they are fast and really kind in their response if anything bothers you about your purchase (‘cause you are not going to resist (*) buying one of this beauties, are you?)

    I can also explain my experience with the item in use. It’s smaller than I expected, and it’s heavy too. This means it’s not for beginners in Kegel exercises. Since giving birth to my two children I’ve used vaginal weighted cones for years, and the heaviest one in the set is 54 grams. Now I can hold up to 120 grams, in the form of two magnetic balls. But the first time I used this egg, with the narrow end pointing down I couldn’t hold it for five minutes. So it is an upgrade even for advanced “keggelers”.

    If you insert it with the wider side pointing down, it behaves more like the usual ball shape, so it’s easier to hold it in place. This is was my choice for the first weeks. When I was able to keep it in place for 15 minutes, I started using it the other way round. While you wear it it’s a normal reaction of the body to produce natural lubrication, increasing the difficulty of the exercise (and therefore making it more “apt” as a training tool). It works better if you wear it while moving around, better just at home at least for the first uses just in case…

    It feels cold when you start inserting it, although this can be avoided by warming it up in your hand or hot water if it feels unpleasant. But I love the chill: I wish it could last longer. Wearing the egg in the right place, does not make me feel sexually aroused. As soon as it’s temperature equals my bodie’s I can’t feel it inside until it begins to slip. Although taking care of myself makes me feel reassured and empowered.

    It’s a great product and every day I wear it I feel better for having indulged in buying it for myself.

    * Warning: not every issue related to pelvic floor and pelvic organs (such as bladder or vagina) is due to lack of strength in Pelvic floor muscles and therefore will not improve training them. Some could even get worse. Please check with your Gyn or Physiotherapist before starting any. And also you should do some relaxation of PC muscles after exercising, as relaxing them is as important for pelvic floor health as it is contracting.

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